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Autore: De Dionigi S.
Pubblicato nel numero: Anno L Luglio - Dicembre 2022 - Numero 92
Parole chiave: Neuroestetica, Estetica, Creatività, Verità, Bellezza

Verità o Bellezza per una estetica della psicoterapia adleriana?

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This article starts from an anthropological examination of the concept of aesthetics and of how the concept
of artistic activity can be expanded to include psychotherapeutic activity. In this regard, it is described how
the term “neuroesthetics” first used to evaluate brain activity in the context of the fruition of figurative
artistic works can also be applied to the brain activity of the couple involved in the creative work of psychotherapy.
The concept of creativity is then described with particular attention to the individual-psychological
point of view. Parallels are established between Adlerian psychotherapy and the visual arts, fiction, film and
music. The concepts of historical truth and narrative truth in the psychotherapeutic field are then illustrated
and how the idea of beauty can be valued in this field. Lastly, the metaphor of the restructuring architect
inherent in the figure of the Adlerian psychotherapist is introduced.

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