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Autore: Oppenheimer D.E.
Pubblicato nel numero: Anno L Luglio - Dicembre 2022 - Numero 92
Parole chiave: Psicopatologia psicodinamica, Suicidio, Disagio giovanile, Costellazione culturale, Riforma scolastica, Scuola

Suicidi scolastici o suicidi giovanili per psicopatologie?

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OPPENHEIM, D.E. (1926), Dichtung und Menschenkenntnis: psychologische Streifzüge durch alte un neue Literatur, Bergmann, München

Traduzione, presentazione, adattamento del testo e note di Egidio E. Marasco e Barbara Rubino

Prudens interrogatio dimidium est veritatis
This speech by Oppenheim opened the works of the Conference organized by Adler in 1910 on juvenil
suicide and allow us to contextualise the reports of Adler and Freud, recently republished in our magazine.
In the article it is highlighted how much the information and terms used to present a topic can be sources of
error and it is specified that we should speak of juvenile suicide and not of school suicide. The phenomenon
is examined in its evolution over the course of history, shifting the focus of attention on psychopatological
problems, triggered by inferiority complexes and on action of plagiarism exerted by environmental models
or, better, by the cultural constellation to which everyone refers by creating the original vision of the world
and its personal lifestyle. The school’s function is specified and the school reform guidelines that Glöckle,
with the help of Adler and Furtmüller, will implement after First World War.

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