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Autore: A. Adler
Pubblicato nel numero: Anno XLVIII Luglio - Dicembre 2020 - Numero 88
Parole chiave: Integrazione, Insegnante / maestro, Autismo, Pandemia, Virus, Quarantena, Sentimento sociale

I pericoli della quarantena


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Summary – THE DANGERS OF QUARANTINE. The process that nature forces on us is hard and inexorable. The stressors under which it places us and the impermanence of worldly goods, as well as our
helplessness during the first years of our existence, create in every psyche a feeling of uncertainty and inferiority from which develops an urge to improve the human condition. Knowledge of the feeling of childhood
inferiority and its compensation allow these forms of psychological regression to be framed well and require
that it be remedied by better restoring social inclusion.

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