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Autore: Durante F.
Pubblicato nel numero: Anno L Luglio - Dicembre 2022 - Numero 92
Parole chiave: Adolescenza, Sentimento di inferiorità, Fallimento

Case Study: Lisa e la paura di crescere

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Summary – CASE STUDY: LISA HAS AFRAID TO GROW UP. Each meeting with the Other within the clinical context is configured as a unique and unrepeatable experience for the subjectivities that come into play at that specific moment. Precisely due to the uniqueness of the parts that populate the therapeutic field, the path will take on peculiar characteristics. There are patients who leave the therapeutic space even before the “journey” begins, there are consultations that end suddenly and others that continue to give life to paths of different durations. Then there are therapeutic stories that are interrupted to resume after some time, giving the opportunity to glimpse, among the folds of new requests, the transformative buds that in the past could only be imagined. This is what I am about to describe in the case of Lisa that I got to know during my internship at the Adolescent and Young Age Center of the AUSL of Parma in a very difficult moment for her in which numerous fainting occurred especially inside of the school context.

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