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Autore: Ghidoni C., Attanasio F., Bonenti P., Santini M., Soregaroli L., Virgilio G.
Pubblicato nel numero: Anno XLIX Gennaio - Giugno 2021 - Numero 89
Parole chiave: Emozione, Gioco, Pandemia, COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2

Alla ricerca delle emozioni: resoconto di un intervento adleriano

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Summary – FINDING EMOTIONS: REPORT OF AN ADLERIAN INTERVENTION. The following article presents an intervention about SARS-CoV-2-related emotions management, dedicated to the infant participants of a summer camp in Brescia’s province in summer 2020. The italian lockdown’s consequences elicited emotive reactions that are still under study. The intervention’s promoters assumpted that not every pandemic related emotions had been knowingly elaborated. Moreover, it had been supposed the absence of aggregative events corroded the affiliate interactions of the youngsters, amplifying the need for them. A project constituted of cooperative games activities had been proposed, since the organizers had identified in social playing an adequate compensation. The participants thought and shared their personal reflections about the emotions they had felt during the social isolation, and about their behavioural implications. The fiction sustaining the activity facilitated the whole process. After pointing out the limits and strengths of their emotions, the recipients were encouraged to express their emotive states through new attitudes, more inclusive of social feeling.

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