L’esondazione della dissociazione: un fertilizzante per i campi della psicosomatica?

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090_De Dionigi

Summary – OVERFLOWING OF DISSOCIATION: A FERTILIZER FOR THE FIELDS OF PSYCHOSOMATIC? First the characteristics of the dissociation construct are described, which has been increasingly dilated in recent years to occupy even the field of psychosomatics. The concepts of operative thought and alexithymia are analyzed by linking them to a deficit in mentalization skills. Described the anatomical-physiological and cultural characteristics that facilitate or prevent the development of mentalization capacity, the assumptions based on the newborn-caregiver interrelation are highlighted. Some suggestions are then given on how an Adlerian psychotherapy of psychosomatic disorders can develop. Finally it ends with a non-useful application of the dissociated conceptual work to explain the psychogenesis of psychosomatic disorders.

Connessioni mente e cultura. Riflessioni per la psicoterapia in ambiente tecnologico

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