Pandemia, Disturbo da Ansia da malattia e Coraggio di vivere. Riflessioni Individualpsicologiche, teoriche e cliniche sull’ansia e sul coraggio di affrontare il futuro.

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Summary – PANDEMIC, ILLNESS ANXIETY DISORDER AND COURAGE TO LIVE. INDIVIDUALPSYCHOLOGICAL, THEORETICAL AND CLINICAL REFLECTIONS ON ANXIETY AND THE COURAGE TO FACE THE FUTURE. This work aims to be a reflection on the illness anxiety disorder considered in the interpretation for unconscious purposes, specific to individualpsychology. It takes its cue and intends to place itself also in the temporal framework of the current Covid-19 pandemic. We will consider the most emerging clinical situations, as well as the forms of alarm that constantly accompany the lives of many. In order to adequately place reflections, we will consider the sense of the future in individualpsychological terms and we will suggest dynamisms for purposes which underlie often these strong and frequent anxieties. Finally, we will also evaluate the process of co-building courage. This process, in terms of intersubjectivity, goes through all our psychotherapeutic work and represents its ultimate purpose.