Endometriosis and discouragement


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Summary. Endometriosis is a complex and invalidating chronic disease which attacks one woman in four and it is still not well known. Despite the fact that its origin is of organic dimensions, endometriosis is a disease whose symptoms involve the biopsychic unity of women, influence their Life Style and compromise their three vital functions. Furthermore the irreversible nature of the organic inferiority is extremely discouraging. Through the experience accumulated in the self-help groups, there is the intention to highlight the encouraging role of the Life Style and the empathetic involvement of the trainer.

Burn-out and discouragement: when a sense of failure can serve as a learning experience


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Summary. Reviewing an oncologic case within the context of general medicine, rises a reflection on how to encourage the therapist when he himself becomes discouraged. Burn-out provides a good example of the sense of discouragement that can affect people involved in helping professions, when external and individual factors no longer counterbalance each other and lead to a sense of unease that can have negative repercussions on the therapist’s health and efficiency, as well as on the patient and on the patient-therapist relationship. The extreme situation considered, which can be likened to all conditions of chronic physical or mental illness, shows how the despondency represented by burn-out can provide an opportunity for reflection.

Who encourages who? The complexity of encouragement and emotional, cognitive, relational and social styles involved. Clinical observations and experiences for teachers of primary school


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Summary. The themes of encouragement and discouragement are an integrant characteristic of the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, playing an important role in defining the personal lifestyle both effective and dysfunctioning. Despite the fundamental importance, too often the processes are wrongly encouragement simple and easy to implement and also training in these areas may follow this easy path line. First, the need to accommodate the complexity of the person who wants to encourage as much of what needs to be encouraged. To be able effectively to encourage you to be able to adequately understand and know how to tackle their own processes of discouragement for not being overwhelmed and rendered ineffective by the difficulties of those who are trying to encourage. The second level of criticism refers to the need to accommodate a modern sense of encouraging emphasizing the multifactorial nature of the processes of encouragement. You should consider the emotional style and characteristics crucial capacity to cope (coping) or to avoid, but also cognitive style in the personal view of the importance that this part has in building its way to be.

School dropout and teenagers


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Summary. The dropping out refers to a student quitting school before he or she graduates. Reasons are varied but may be a problem of “lack of encouragement”. The adolescence is a transitional moment involving biological and psychological changes, and the school is the place where teenagers try their social faculties. The work deals with an experience of psychological intervention with teenagers in a school.