Armony, attunement, relation. Setting music therapy

Poster session presented at the XXIV S.I.P.I. National Congress – “The settings in Individual Psychology”, Turin, 2013.

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Summary. Music therapy uses body-sound-music phenomena to create a therapeutic relationship between music therapist and patient. The goal of this paper is to promote for the patient new methods of communication or to restore them. The non-verbal context is the element that distinguishes the music therapy setting. The theoretical and methodological framework which we refer to in this paper is the Benenzon Model of Music Therapy, conceived by Prof. Rolando O. Benenzon, which is one of four models of music therapy internationally recognized (IX World Congress of Music Therapy, Washington, 1999). The fundamental principle of this model is the ISO, which consists of the set of the acoustic phenomena and internal motion, which belong to an individual and characterize him. In the therapeutic context, music therapist can open wide new channels of patient’s ways of communication through the discovery and management of the patient’s ISO and tuning it with his own ISO. In order to achieve this intentional attunement, the music therapist, aided by a co-therapist, uses sound and movement, in a specific setting, with the aid of a set of musical instruments.

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Daydreams: the metaphorical language in the analogical communication


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Summary. Current aspects of non verbal communication are barely considered and deepened in psychodynamic psychotherapies. But in clinical practice non verbal – or analogical – techniques are widely used. In this article different analogical techniques are shown and discussed.

Music and therapy

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Summary. In this paper a synthetic overview is proposed concerning musictherapy in its aims, modalities and clinical indications. Some brief considerations are advanced about the aesthetic of music, music as a language, the psychology of music.