The psychologist role in the Breast Unit

Poster session presented at the XXIV S.I.P.I. National Congress – “The settings in Individual Psychology”, Turin, 2013.

The full article is available for download in Italian only.

Summary.  The individual psychologist in Breast Unit, deals with the reception of the patient and his family, of the demand analysis and crisis management through the implementation of adaptive solutions. The structure of the adlerian setting is aimed at creating a safe and encouraging environment, in which the meeting may be born, and can develop interactive-play with the couple’s therapist-patient relationship: acceptance in Breast Unit, means “being-with”, in a setting in which the therapist and the patient are found to co-exist in the therapeutic relationship. The individual psychologist in Breast Unit is responsible for the psychological assessment, with the aim of identifying women who have clinically significant emotional fragility and to propose them to make an in-depth psychological interview and orientation before surgery. Furthermore, to improve communication between the various professionals, with patients and caregivers, to share the emotional burden and to prevent burnout, the individual psychologist leads in Breast Unit, a set of multidisciplinary team meetings on a monthly basis on clinical cases in a welcoming and nonjudgmental setting.

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