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Autore: Rota Surra G.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXVIII January – June 2000 – Number 47
Parole chiave: Social feeling, Victim, Violence, Abused child, Transgenerational, Child

Social feeling and children’s protection

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Summary.  The violence against children is widespread and the reality of today presents various modalities of abuse, also under the form of violence made by the members of the family. The Individual Psychology may help the psychodynamic interpretation of the phenomenon, using Adler’s thought about the dialectics between the original inferiority feeling and the desire of overcoming it. The scarce evolution of the social interest causes in some families a destructive spiral that leads to the pursuit of a goal of predominance that sees children as victims. Children are also used in an instrumental way in order to increase fictitiously the adults’ personality feeling, also through injurious practices such as physical, sexual and psychological abuses. The seed of violence may propagate from one generation to the other and that is why we talk of the cycle of the abuse. It is necessary to help the victims, the actors of the violence and the involved operators. The Individual Psychology may help to build a thought that is concerned with juvenile rights, supporting at the same time the development of the most evolved Social Feeling.

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