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Autore: Rovera G.G.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXVIII January – June 2010 – Number 67
Parole chiave: Religion, Religiosity, Values, Malpractice, Ethics, Deontology, Individual Psychology, Culture, Epistemology

Religion and culture in individual psychology

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Summary.  Among the anthropological foundations of societies, the Sacred provides the greatest epistemological contribution to the Orientation of Values, for the individuals and for the community too. From these assumptions, we can develop the topics of religion and religiousness and those of worship and culture. The Comparative Individual Psychology (C.I.P.) is the dynamic approach that allows us to understand the important contribution of Alfred Adler through the correspondence with Pastor Jahn; we can understand the difference between the “Idea of God” and the “Revelation of God”. The empathic understanding can be correctly used when a cultural identification, including the religious dimension, exixts. The complexity of these matters (in a period that is postmodern but also New Age) finds precise contexts in multiethnic, multicultural and multireligious contexts.

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