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Autore: Ponziani U.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXIX January – June 2011 – Number 69 – SUPPLEMENT (contributions to XXII Congr. SIPI “The network of fictions in the Adlerian Theory and practce", 2010)
Parole chiave: Fiction, Cooperation, Network, Epistemology, Autopoiesis

The network of fictions in the network of life: clinical cases and epistemological paradigms


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Summary. The Adlerian concept of fiction is well known and studied. This paper deals with this conceptualization in relation to the new epistemological paradigms which are related, in a nutshell, to the work of Von Bertalanffy, Wiener, Von Neumann, Prigogine, Maturana, Varela and others. These show how the life on the Earth is a great network and that all organisms are themselves constituted from networks. The network concept also brings back to the “knowledge” that involves two types of activities: the maintenance and perpetuation of autopoiesis and the “generation of the world.” We humans, like all living organisms, we create a world, which is our, unique and unrepeatable, but interconnected through a network with all other humans. In the autopoietic paradigm “to create a world” means to construct a reality of reality, namely a system of “fictions” recursively closed, but open to external disturbances which question the system. It clearly appears the link with the fictions in Adlerian perspective that are the backbone of personal lifestyles. To explain these findings, we will deal with stories of people who live in their created world and who meet in the net of life other worlds, individually generated from disturbing and enriching ties, sometimes destructuring, sometimes specifically aimed for comparison. Then fictions on the theories of reference, on the cure or on the fact of being cured in search of the web of individual and collective life. We will consider the fiction and the fictions of the therapeutic setting in the network nodes of life that encourage us to cooperation and sharing of generated worlds. We will analyze the symptoms and the disease itself, hardship and despair as “fiction” perturbing the personal system, but open to useful disturbances of the search for help and change.

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