Home PageArticolo rivistaThe individual psychology in the Italian culture: Metide or Athena?

Autore: Marasco E.E.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXVIII January – June 2000 – Number 47
Parole chiave: Individual Psychology, Mythology, History of the Adlerian Movement (national and international), Psychoanalysis, History, Italian culture

The individual psychology in the Italian culture: Metide or Athena?

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Summary. The re-reading of the often incomplete news about the history of the Individual Psychology, allows to identify the life style of this movement, imprinted by Adler himself and by Parenti and Pagani, which recalls for deph, clearness, decision and strength of thought, Athena, the goddness of wisdom. So, the way to present the Individual Psychology in Italy can be still considered a model. Doctors Gemelli, Cargnello and Levi Bianchini enthusiastically joined the Individual Psychology and the phylosophical world, with Cantoni and Crescini, underlined the value of the Adlerian theory which was also the object of careful reflections and of a particular estimation in the catholic thought. The psychoanalysts, as Musatti, who were opposed to the Adlerian theory, assimilated some concepts which they have sometime used in their professional practice. Only for few people the Individual Psychology is the Metide to incorporate in their theories without citations but in this way the value of Adler’s thought is witnessed.

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