Home PageArticolo rivistaThe time cure: individual psychology and modern psychopathology

Autore: Leccardi G.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXV July – December 2007 – Number 62
Parole chiave: Modernity, Technology, Internet, Time, Psycodynamic psychopathology, Personality disorders, Liquid society, Post-modernity

The time cure: individual psychology and modern psychopathology

062_Giorgio Leccardi_ITA

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Summary. Every historical period is featured by specific political, economic and sociological dynamics and a specific psychopathology. The modern age seems to be dominated by problems concerning the lack of definition of borders, limits and the classic reference parameters. On the psychopathological plane, this is accompanied by the appearance of disturbances which are new in terms of clinical and epidemiological symptoms and their social impact. Even Individual Psychology cannot not review some principles which have structured its theoretical implant and therapeutic practice in facing them.

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