Home PageArticolo rivistaThe sense of life: looking for “fiction”

Autore: De Dionigi S., Gasparini C.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXIV January – June 2006 – Number 59
Parole chiave: Fiction, Social feeling, Sense of Life

The sense of life: looking for “fiction”

059_Sergio De Dionigi_Carolina Gasparini_ITA

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Summary.  The authors analyse the evolution of the concept of fiction contained in Adler’s writings, then underline the significant absence of this concept in this last works and justify such choice in the light of Adler’s relation with U.S. psychology. In this way, they highlight the great importance of Adler’s aim popularizing and divulging his theory, using a quite new mode of expression and a new language. Afterwards, the authors examine in detail the sense of absence of the concept of fiction in Adler’s last works. Then they compare Adler and Freud’s opinion on the U.S.A., showing the deep diversity between their thought. Finally, the authors present an interpretation of Adler’s ideas based on radical constructivism. In conclusion, they formulate a hypothesis based on Adler’s life giving reason for his choice of living.

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