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Autore: Canzano C.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXIII July – December 2005 – Number 58
Parole chiave: Relationship, Power, Love, Couple, Relational dependency, Affectivity

The power in affective relations

058_Carmela Canzano_ITA

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Summary. The fast and ceaseless changes of culture in all life aspects force the individual to new adaptations and controls to safeguard his identity. Science, technology and media are constantly promising to increase our power and get rid of limits of space, time and biology. All that can influence deeply human relations, sexual behaviour, parenthood dimension and must be carefully analysed by psychologists.When common sense accepts and approves individual will of power how could be transformed our innate social feeling? How other people could “be reduced to things” in love or in affective relations? Love fictions and power in a clinical case of “romantic” narcissism.

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