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Autore: Ghidoni C.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXVII January – June 2009 – Number 65
Parole chiave: Relationship, Work, Creativity, Flexibility, Precariousness

Working activity according to Adler

065_Claudio Ghidoni_ITA

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Summary.  The main topic of this work has to be considered both a social or professional activity and a creative attitude at different levels of human exixtence. This is a necessary and optimistic experience for the growth of the community which lives on the contribution of every man. Nowdays in our society the problem arises as a social Emergency due to the diminiscing of resources, the cultural crisis, the increasing technology and the multicultural revolution. The working activity, considered clinic, pedagogic or sociologic, is meant to promote the development of the Self-Creativity. The role to carry out a virtuous process that stimulates the sense of community and forsters mental hygiene, is given to the Individual Psychology.

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