Home PageArticolo rivistaThe narrative “pre-texts” as thought laboratory in the “clinical-pedagogic setting”

Autore: Cacciatori I.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXVII July – December 1999 – Number 46
Parole chiave: Encouragement, Psychoeducation, Narration, Setting, Psychopedagogy

The narrative “pre-texts” as thought laboratory in the “clinical-pedagogic setting”

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Summary.  In the presence of changes in the school and uneasiness in Teachers and in students are describe some experiences of clinical training which try to understand and follow psycho-dynamic aspects of teaching and of learning. Fundamental is the institution of training moments for school operators which utilize methodologies and instruments imported from the psychotherapeutic setting, so it is possible to have supervision meetings which contain the emotional aspects noticed by teachers during the clinical pedagogic settings established in classroom with their students. The instrument utilized to realize the meetings with the students is constituted by narrative pieces which spur evocations, projections and identifications. The management way and the observance of the rules of groups promote a real development of the social feeling whether in the trainig of teachers or in the moments of institution of clinical-pedagogic settings with students.

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