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Autore: Ardenti R.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXVIII January – June 2010 – Number 67 – SUPPLEMENT (contributions to XXI Congr. SIPI “The encouragement strategies...", 2009)
Parole chiave: Encouragement, Empathy, Bio-psycho-social unity, Discouragement, Endometriosis, Therapeutic relationship

Endometriosis and discouragement


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Summary. Endometriosis is a complex and invalidating chronic disease which attacks one woman in four and it is still not well known. Despite the fact that its origin is of organic dimensions, endometriosis is a disease whose symptoms involve the biopsychic unity of women, influence their Life Style and compromise their three vital functions. Furthermore the irreversible nature of the organic inferiority is extremely discouraging. Through the experience accumulated in the self-help groups, there is the intention to highlight the encouraging role of the Life Style and the empathetic involvement of the trainer.

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