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Autore: Pagani P.L.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXIX January – June 2011 – Number 69
Parole chiave: Will of power, Individual Psychology, Inferiority feeling, Eclectism, Striving for superiority

Endless eclecticism

069_Pier Luigi Pagani_ITA

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Summary. This work comes back to the topic, already dealt with in the past, concerning the negative consequences of eclecticism, to a psychotherapeutic theory tested from results. Precisely because of the multiplicity of psychotherapeutic systems available today in the world, there is no absolute truth, there is no means to verify or falsify the statements of a theory, so that it can be defined as scientific. Specifically, the author highlights the unjustified critics to some basic concepts of the Adlerian theory, which cannot be confused, such as the will of power and the aspiration to superiority. The difference between the expression will of power by Adler and Nietzsche is then examined and it is highlighted the mistake made by some detractors when they match the concept of will of power to the one of aspirationality and desire to emerge. This implies a confusion between a tool used to reach an end and the end itself. The fact of putting in doubt the conception of inferiority is even a more serious mistake; it would be as if we were renouncing to the basic principles of the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, denying the foundations.

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