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Autore: Fassino S.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXIV July – December 1996 – Number 40
Parole chiave: Adlerian Psychotherapy, Psycodynamic psychopathology, Creativity, Depression, Disorder, Deficiency

Deficiency, disorder, creativity: about psychotherapy of depression

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Summary. In this research, we have investigated some aspects of the Individual Psychological psychotherapy of depression. The organ inferiority and the inferiority feeling seem to be connected with the experience of deficiency and with the sense of failing. What characterizes the disturb is the particular reacting way of the subject to the sense of failing. The interior way of living, that depressed subjects adopt, especially for what concerns self-esteem, is eccessively connected with the real sense of loss or eccessively menaced by the consideration that people have of them. The failure in front of projects which are too difficult to reach (that would balance the deficiency), trigs off behaviours as aggressive as profound and hidden. The therapeutic strategy includes a stimulating creative meeting with the deficiency. The analytic work consists in the disclosure of the false goals and it is concomitant with the process of transmotivation. In a special way, the growth of the creative self seems to be correlated with the elaboration of this sense of failing and of separation.

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