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Autore: Marasco E.E., Marasco S.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXVI January – June 2008 – Number 63
Parole chiave: Individual Psychology, Epistemology, Literature, Behaviour

ART AND CULTURE: Stendhal and the Adlerian psychology

063_Arte e Cultura_Marasco-Marasco

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Summary. In every literary work we can find characters able to simplify the adlerian theory about temperament. In “The red and the black”, Stendhal puts forward, both in definitions and in terms, the adlerian doctrine about behaviour. We can find a perfect description of the hated child and of the spoilt one. We can find the concept of inferiority feeling and of its compensation by the aspiration to superiority. We can find the concept of safeguarding the personality feeling, of fictions, of will of power and the neurotic behaviour towards antithetic argument. Finalism is led by ideals and leaders. We can also find the trend to depreciate the female sex and the resulting virile protest and we can find a mention of the psychologic meaning of physiognomy.

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