Home PageArticolo rivistaART AND CULTURE: “The thin red line”: to hope from atrocity

Autore: Barrilà D.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXVIII January – June 2000 – Number 47
Parole chiave: War, Movie, Violence, Individual Psychology

ART AND CULTURE: “The thin red line”: to hope from atrocity

047_Arte e Cultura

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Summary. The war is seen with the microscope through the wounds and the inexplicable questions that it put into man’s heart. The origin and the meaning of the violence that man self-inflicts must be seen with pitiful eyes to any formation it belongs. So, the war must be seen not as a historical events, place of rights and wrongs, but as  xpression of evil living inside us and of which we try to get to the bottom in vain. The thin red line is a wonderful and a terrible movie, but it is able to show us the exit just in that “useful side of life” which Adler suggested us aim of the recovery course.

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