Home PageArticolo rivistaART AND CULTURE: “Creative-Self” and “Lifestyle” in the movie “La febbre”

Autore: Andreoli D.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXIV January – June 2006 – Number 59
Parole chiave: Lifestyle, Creative Self, Movie, Mobbing

ART AND CULTURE: “Creative-Self” and “Lifestyle” in the movie “La febbre”

059_Arte e Cultura_Andreoli

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Summary. The Alessandro D’Alatri movie “La febbre” tells the “ordinary” story of a boy, Mario, like many Others who suddenly begins to live a strange situation that, on one side seems like a dream that comes true but, on the other, this strange situation kills creativity. Mario, who is not an hero, will not be beaten by the situation and will go on to look for his goal. His positive life style will support the creative self to change the situation for the better.

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