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Autore: Fantinato C., Iorio C.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXIX January – June 2011 – Number 69 – SUPPLEMENT (contributions to XXII Congr. SIPI “The network of fictions in the Adlerian Theory and practce", 2010)
Parole chiave: Fiction, Adolescence, Body

Adolescenzce and fiction


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Summary. Adolescence, intended as the timeframe in which the individual searches and explores inside himself and looks to the transition from past to future, encompasses the use of fiction aimed to carry on a self evaluation. During the above mentioned period of life, fiction may be identified as a vital process as well as a pathological rigidness. During adolescence the body is the setting and the expression of thoughts and emotions, and becomes the communication media with the external world. This body, that is over-invested, cut, hidden, hungry, attacked, gives voice voice to the uneasiness of growth.

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