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S.I.P.I.  La Società Italiana di Psicologia Individuale – (Italian Society  of Individual Psychology)

The Italian Society of Individual Psychology (S.I.P.I.) was founded in 1969. Our purpose is to promote medical and psychological studies, research, publications and scientific events inspired by the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, and bring together academics, scholars and scientists that support the philosophy and principles of Individual Psychology.
S.I.P.I. sets the criteria and provides training within Italy for Adlerian analysts, and now has 238 members: 146 analyst members and 92 cultural members.

S.I.P.I. is a member of the International Association of Individual Psychology (I.A.I.P.), and operates in synergy with Italian institutes and Adlerian schools of psychotherapy that are recognised by MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research): l’Istituto Alfred Adler di Torino  – Scuola Adleriana di Psicoterapia di Torino e Reggio Emilia- (the Alfred Adler Institute in Turin – the Adlerian School of Psychotherapy, Turin and Reggio Emilia), l’Istituto Alfred Adler di Milano  – Scuola Adleriana di Psicoterapia di Milano (the Alfred Adler Institute in Milan – the Adlerian School of Psychotherapy, Milan),  S.A.I.G.A. – Società Adleriana Italiana Gruppi e Analisi di Torino – Scuola S.A.I.G.A. di Individual Psicologia per Psicoterapeuti, Torino (S.A.I.G.A. – Italian Adlerian Society for Groups and Analysis in Turin – the S.A.I.G.A. School of Individual Psychology for Psychotherapists, Turin), la Scuola Adleriana di Psicoterapia del CRIFU, di Milano.

Registered office: Via Assalini 35, Reggio Emilia (RE, 42123), ITALY
E-mail: info@sipi-adler.it