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Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXIX January – June 2011 – Number 69 – SUPPLEMENT (contributions to XXII Congr. SIPI “The network of fictions in the Adlerian Theory and practce", 2010)
Parole chiave: Fiction, Adlerian Psychotherapy, Psycodynamic psychopathology, Narcissistic personality disorder, Teleology

The fictions of Narcissus


069_CD_Airasca-Beccaria (Narciso)

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Summary. Narcissus is the prototype of the self-centered individua, arrogant, insensitive to emotional stress and to the needs of the people around him. According to Individual Psychology, the development of mental life is based on the use of a fictional teleology; while the healthy person uses fiction with the aim of achieving a real goal, the patient confuses fiction with reality itself. A little bit of Narcissism can be normal and fundamental to the psychic activity, but it may also assume a predominant character, so that eventually it will represent the main feature of the lifestyle of a person. This concept can therefore encompass a range that goes from health to pathology. Narcissism masks a profound sense of inadequacy, with the aim of offsetting a fragile and fragmented personalities. The reports are “used” to help to foster an illusion of significance, which is not real but fictitious. The subject matter will be further examined through the analysis of a clinical case.

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