Vita e morte nell'era del Covid-19: un'esperienza adleriana


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Summary – LIFE AND DEATH IN THE ERA OF COVID-19: AN ADLERIAN EXPERIENCE. The Covid-19 pandemic has created an environment in which existence is more fragile and existential fears or terror
rises in people and in healthcare providers.
Using a case, I have analyzed the application of the Adlerian psychotherapy with Covid-19 patients hospitalized and I have described existential terror and existential maturity and go on to outline how existential maturity is important for the dying and the grieving but also for those whom facing risk of acquiring Covid-19.
Results showed the beneficial effect of the Brief Adlerian Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in helping Covid
patients to find a meaningful connection with someone around the experience of absence or death. There are
key aspects of Adlerian therapy, as oneness of the concerned person, the emphasis on social responsibility,
the need to come true in the human community, the strategy of encouragement and the sense of belonging
that make it useful in the treatment of the Covid patients.
Finally, I have considered how fostering Social Feeling could help this populations face up to the different
challenges that the pandemic brings up for people everywhere.

La pandemia di Alice: l'analisi di transfert positivo


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This paper aims to describe a case of an Adlerian Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (APP) during the pandemic. The story of Alice and her psychological suffering aggravated by the current health emergency, allows
some reflections on the nature of the analytical work and its implications. The following items will be described: the diagnostic evaluation (according to PFL-Psychopathological Functioning Levels), the treatment,
the implications of pandemic on the therapeutic path and the transference analysis as a way to encourage a
new emotional and relational experience for the patient.