EDITORIALE - La pandemia: "catastrofe vitale"


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Il numero 88 della Rivista esce alla fine di un anno terribilmente complicato che ci
ha visto immersi nella pandemia globale, un’esperienza giunta in tempi rapidi, non
immaginabile nelle conseguenze che avrebbe prodotto. L’organizzazione dell’intera
umanità è stata destrutturata da un virus, particella invisibile, che ha avuto il potere
di chiudere in casa miliardi di persone, sospendere le attività che si svolgevano nelle
fabbriche, negli uffici, nelle scuole, nei luoghi di ritrovo. […]

I pericoli della quarantena


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Summary – THE DANGERS OF QUARANTINE. The process that nature forces on us is hard and inexorable. The stressors under which it places us and the impermanence of worldly goods, as well as our
helplessness during the first years of our existence, create in every psyche a feeling of uncertainty and inferiority from which develops an urge to improve the human condition. Knowledge of the feeling of childhood
inferiority and its compensation allow these forms of psychological regression to be framed well and require
that it be remedied by better restoring social inclusion.

Vita e morte nell'era del Covid-19: un'esperienza adleriana


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Summary – LIFE AND DEATH IN THE ERA OF COVID-19: AN ADLERIAN EXPERIENCE. The Covid-19 pandemic has created an environment in which existence is more fragile and existential fears or terror
rises in people and in healthcare providers.
Using a case, I have analyzed the application of the Adlerian psychotherapy with Covid-19 patients hospitalized and I have described existential terror and existential maturity and go on to outline how existential maturity is important for the dying and the grieving but also for those whom facing risk of acquiring Covid-19.
Results showed the beneficial effect of the Brief Adlerian Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in helping Covid
patients to find a meaningful connection with someone around the experience of absence or death. There are
key aspects of Adlerian therapy, as oneness of the concerned person, the emphasis on social responsibility,
the need to come true in the human community, the strategy of encouragement and the sense of belonging
that make it useful in the treatment of the Covid patients.
Finally, I have considered how fostering Social Feeling could help this populations face up to the different
challenges that the pandemic brings up for people everywhere.

La stanza virtuale della terapia in età evolutiva. Esperienze e riflessioni sulla psicoterapia dell'infanzia ai tempi del Covid-19: contesto: setting, strumenti, immaginario e creatività


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TOOLS, IMAGERY AND CREATIVITY. The age we are living in, with its own particular challenges, may
seem like a time of bewilderment: SARS-Cov-2 Pandemic is changing our lives and also our way of working. Lockdown experience got us to face new challenges not only in our personal and family life, but also
in our psychotherapy work. During this period, PC use and virtual meeting with our young patients have
increased. It is a new method to stay with them that arouses a lot of questions. In this work we present some
reflections about what children have experienced during the lockdown and what the impact it may have.
Individual Psychology cannot but start from the analysis of the situation in which we are. So, in the first part
of the article, we analyze some scientific studies about psychological impact of lockdown on children and
the effectiveness of online therapy with them. There are a lot of questions about this. How can I work with
children imaginary through a screen? Is it possible? What kind of tools can I use to do this? In the second
part of the article, we report the experience we share as a Child Therapy team in the Institute of Individual
Psychology “A. Adler”. We think that, as Individual Psychotherapists, we have to use our creative-Self to
find innovative ways. We have tried to explain our work through some examples of individual therapy and
also of group therapy.

Il virtuale che lega. L'intervento psicologico al tempo del Covid. Condivisione, distanziamento, vicinanza virtuale


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OF COVID. SHARING, DISTANCING, VIRTUAL PROXIMITY. As Adlerian therapists, in search and
protection of social sentiment, we are questioning ourselves on which paths of well-being to follow in a
therapeutic logic where closeness, as a profound experience of care, is opposed to distancing, as an indispensable way of salvation. The virtual relationship during lockdown allowed for a preservation of bonds avoiding people the risk of deep feelings of loneliness, isolation and marginalization. The interaction through
the virtual allows the continuity of visual interactions, and together with an authentic empathic involvement
comes the meddle the therapeutic relationship. It is the quality of the encounter between patient and therapist
and the empathic intensity, even through the virtual, that determine the effectiveness of the intervention.

Virus: da paura condominiale a disturbo personale


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Summary – VIRUS: FROM COMMON FEAR TO PERSONAL DISORDER. The current Covid-19 pandemic has led to the emergence of a fear that can be defined as “condominium” as it is common to all humanity
as never before. It is also examined through clinical vignettes how this fear is declined through the different
mental disorders. In particular, the continuum between pathophobia, hypochondria and disease delirium is
assessed. We highlight the fact that the porous boundaries between psychic disorder and “normality” are
made even more fluid given the novelty of the context in which they occur, so if on the one hand one must
be cautious in diagnosing as pathological, physiological emotional reactions on the other it must be assessed
whether symptomatologically nuanced pictures do not already constitute the onset of a serious disorder.

La pandemia secolare: ricorsi ed inediti storici di una crisi globale


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Summary – CENTURY PANDEMIC: RECURRING AND NOVEL HISTORICAL EVENTS OF A GLOBAL CRISIS. The unfolding Coronavirus crisis hitting States around the world is not just a general health
crisis. It has economic, politic and social consequences too, attacking societies at their core. It is to be a war
on virus, then, but a war in the context of well-defined social-historical conditions. Covid-19 is exacerbating
all the imbalances and contradictions that capitalistic world-wide system produces. Mankind cannot avoid
great natural disasters, like a viral infection, albeit the development of science and productive forces has
made effective means available to intervene on the effects of these events, predicting or mitigating their
consequences. But science and productive forces are subjugated, enslaved to the relations of production,
subjected to the chaos of the markets and to the logic of profit. This global crisis, so tragically devastating,
therefore poses itself as a great challenge. It reveals the mandatory need for a truly unified human race, for
a new organization of collective life upon which to base most advanced and harmonic possibilities of the
relationship between man and man and man and nature.

Il Test del Villaggio ai tempi della pandemia: Sindrome della capanna e trauma infantile


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CHILDHOOD TRAUMA. Starting from the research of the Gaslini Hospital on the psychological state of
children and families a few weeks after the lockdown, and from the emergence of symptoms attributable
to the so-called Cabin Syndrome, the article aims to detect its effects through the Village Test. After a brief
theoretical-methodological introduction of the test, some cases of subjects who were administered the test
before the pandemic and immediately after the lockdown are presented, in order to verify any differences.
Several subjects in the Village Test narrowed their range of action, closing themselves in a state of greater
protection and compacting, and in some cases eliminating the aspects that lead back to the relationship with
others. Finally, a hypothesis for detecting the trauma through the Village Test is presented.

La pandemia di Alice: l'analisi di transfert positivo


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This paper aims to describe a case of an Adlerian Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (APP) during the pandemic. The story of Alice and her psychological suffering aggravated by the current health emergency, allows
some reflections on the nature of the analytical work and its implications. The following items will be described: the diagnostic evaluation (according to PFL-Psychopathological Functioning Levels), the treatment,
the implications of pandemic on the therapeutic path and the transference analysis as a way to encourage a
new emotional and relational experience for the patient.