Le compensazioni in psicoterapia

Paper presented at the XXIII S.I.P.I. National Congress – “The network of the compensatory functions in the Adlerian theory and practice”, Milan, 2012.

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Identity and personality in adolescence. Fictions guide and psychopatological risk

069_CD_Simonelli et Alii

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Summary. The concepts of the identity development and personality organization are strictly related with the debate between the continuity or discontinuity in the developmental process. The new stage-specific developmental tasks are related on one hand with the acquisition of autonomy and emotional independence from parents and with the subsequent socialization with peers and, on the other hand, with the redefinition and the resolution of the conflict between the progressive and regressive instances and the construction of a mental image of the his/her own body. These developmental stimuli can be an opportunity for the restructuration of the personality in a maturational direction, otherwise can constitute a adolescence crisis, that can lead to a developmental breakdown. This paper aims to propose a reflection about the destiny of fictions and the Life Style during adolescence.