Le compensazioni in psicoterapia

Paper presented at the XXIII S.I.P.I. National Congress – “The network of the compensatory functions in the Adlerian theory and practice”, Milan, 2012.

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The strategies of encouragement in time-limited psychotherapies

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Summary. I propose an interpretation of the process of encouraging psychotherapy (A. Adler, 1920) which  takes into account not only the educational aspects and support, but also the expressive, creative and design. I describe the interventions of the therapist during the B-APP second four axes: the axis of the position encouraging (EP-AX), the axis of technical means (TI-AX), the axis-intensive medium (ISAX), the axis mutative-conservative (MC-AX). The EP-AX describes the ability of the therapist to modulate the distance relational sitting between two poles: a position of encouraging research and encouraging a position to offer. The IS-AX distinguishes the intensive strategy, where the therapist encourages the elaboration of experiences by the patient, rather than providing personal contributions, from the supportive strategy, where prevails the integration of input. The objective is to provide positive alternative solutions in response to the difficulties of the patient. Some other specific aspects of encouragement in time-limited psychotherapies are also discussed.