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The utility of news gathered during the "first interview" and during the sessions devoted to the "family constellation" and the "early recollections"

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Summary. The article describes the clinical case of Luisa according to the methodology and the technique of Individual Psychology through the transcription of the interviews which really happened in an analytical setting and regularly followed by critical comments.The author illustrates the diagnostic utility of the “first interview”, the life style “therapeutic agreement”, the “family constellation”, the “early recollections ” to reconstruct the unique and unrepeatable life style of the patient.

Notes and comments on the minutes of meeting No. 67 of the Psychoanalytic Society in Vienna: a case of compulsive blush

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Summary.  We propose the debate of the Viennese Psychoanalytic Society on the relationship of Alfred Adler (A case of compulsive blush) concerning the meeting of February 3rd 1909, at which Freud, Adler, Federn, Graf, Hitschmann, Joachim, Rank, Sadger were present. The teaching of Adler is the exposure from Freud’s metapsychologic constructions. Adler’s innovative concepts are underlined about aggressiveness, style of life and the dynamics of transfer of the analytical setting.

The silence of the patient in the psychotherapeutic setting

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Summary. The author examined the different meanings the silence of the patient may take on in the psychotherapeutic setting and the related ways of intervention of the therapist, according to some Psychoanalytic schools and the Individual Psychology.According to depths psychologies taken into account, silence is communication even when is an expression of resistance to treatment. It may direct feelings, emotions, experiences, wishes, needs, particular for each patient and therefore should be interpreted only in an individual way. The silence as a way of resistance, according to Individual Psychology, is an expression of the instance of self-assertion which has the aim to safeguard the Self-Style of life and to search for security. Resistance and symptom considered as Selfdefence, oriented in a finalist way, are being taken back by some psychoanalytic currents of thought and inserted in their theoretic pattern. The Adlerian psychotherapist flexible, empathic attitude, aware to be involved in the relationship with the patient is even considered as the most effective behaviour to have facing a silent patient. The silence analysis is not only a tool to point out the resistance to psychotherapy and to the changing process, but may result, if the psychotherapist interacts in the corresponding way to the emotional states of the patient, a precious occasion to grasp and promote the expression of the emotions and creativity of the patient.

About "Bolshevism and Individualpsychology" by Alfred Adler

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Summary. Immediately after the end of the First World War, A. Adler takes the opportunity to outline his own idea of socialism, which is founded on a peaceful, humanitarian and ethic vision of the emacipation of mankind. Actually he aims to apply the priciples of Individual Psychology to social psychology and political issues. A condemnation of Bolshevism follows: the violents ways of revolutionary policy are considered as a collective expression of will of power and therefore a “tragic mistake”. Adler’s political position is close to those revisionist and reformist tendencies, which were majority, at that time, inside the Second International. The modern reformist socialism, as distinguished from communism, had its own origin largely in the revisionist movement of the late 19th century. Many socialist thinkers began to doubt the indispensability of revolution and to revise other basic principles of Marxism. Led by the German writer Eduard Bernstein, they declared that socialism could best be attained by reformist, parliamentary, evolutionary and educational methods.

The tale as a "meeting" place with the Other

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Summary.  The man is essentially a social being as he is a being endowed with word, with an oral language. These two peculiarities creatively meet in the tale that, before everything, is a to tell ourselves to someone. The story appears therefore a fundamental way of the daily meeting with the other. The attempt is that to analyze in general the tale as moment of meeting with the other-from-itself and within the psychotherapeutic relationship.

ART AND CULTURE: The "patient" Robert Musil

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Summary. The work concerns a little known circumstance of the life of Robert Musil, the famous Austrian writer (Klagenfurt 1889-Geneva 1942) known above all for its masterpiece Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften, The man without quality, initiated in 1898, published in its initial part in 1930 and in 1933 and in its final, incomplete and posthumous part, in 1943. The author is particularly concerned with a critical period of the mental welfare of the great literate, which happened during the layout of his famous composition, and which has imposed a psychotherapy by Ugos Lukacs, an adlerian analyst of Jewish-Hungarian origin, student of Alfred Adler.