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Ghidoni C.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXVI July – December 1998 – Number 44
Parole chiave: Frankl Viktor, Logotherapy, Existential analysis

Viktor Frankl and the “Logotheraphy”


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Summary. The author recalls the fundamental lines of Viktor Frankl’s thought, the conceiver of “logotherapy”. This kind of psychotherapeutic technique shows the human spirituality towards its own biological psychological and social destiny.The task of the man is to find out the logos, that is the sense of life, for this reason logotherapy is defined a therapy starting from the top despite the inner psychotherapies which start from the bottom. Those concepts have been established without any doubt about along the years passed in the pain of the lager where Frankl asserts to have seen and met, as psychiatry, persons convicted to the gas rooms or to the hard labours with a serene countenance because they were supported by trascendental or human idols which gave them a sense to what was happening. Though logotherapy has original contents, it shows traces of Adler thought influence particularly for what is the oneness of a person concerned and the need to come true in the human community. Viktor Frankl asserts that logotherapy can be used as a completion of other therapies with the intention of having always very clear from doctor side to help the patient to reach the sense of responsability honouring his freedom.

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