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Rossi R.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXI January – June 2003 – Number 53
Parole chiave: Encouragement, School, Educational guidance, Career guidance, At-risk guys

Experience of Scholastic orientation with “guys at risk” of secondary school


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Summary.  The professional practice of orientation comes to face the growing complexity of the formative and working world with the purpose of help the members of the community to move in the range of possibilities, which have been offered with more awareness and responsibility. Currently, in particular, la growing sensibility around this topic helped us recognizing the need of extending these interventions to everyone who lives a specific moment of the Scholastic and formative life. So, together with actions which should support each individual to face crucial and normative moments, (ex. The choice of a course post formative obligation) activities of support have been experimented for boys who cannot face successfully the job that school gives them. I refer in particular to guys which are “difficult”, the ones whose rapport with the Scholastic institution is so deteriorated that it prefigures negative results. We refer to this typology of use during this job, in particular to an experience of orientation led with a group of guys at formative risk, which attend the second year of a high school in Milan.

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