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Scarso G., Emanuelli G., Azzarà L.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXV July – December 1997 – Number 42
Parole chiave: Compensation, Psycodynamic psychopathology, Pain

Psychopathological and clinical observations concerning pain syndroms


042_Giuseppe Scarso_Guido Emanuelli_Luciano Azzara_ITA

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Summary. Several etiopathogenetic mechanisms are by now acknowledged as the basis of pain syndromes, variously interacting and denoting a situation of “organ-clinic” disparity. The therapeutic approach cannot disregard this reality, developing in accordance with a network model, in which several intervention perspectives are considered: algologic, surgical, psychopharmacological. In this paper some considerations are advanced concerning adaptation and compensation mechanisms in some algic syndromes such as facial pain and low back pain where age of onset and pain aspects can affect the complex relationship between clinical features and life style.

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