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Laguzzi S.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXI July – December 2003 – Number 54
Parole chiave: Analysis, Narration

Narration, co-narration in the analytic process


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 Summary.  In the following work an attempt is made to explorer in depth the themes inherent to narration, co-narration and co-renarration. The concept of narration seems important in the structural formation of subjective experience in relation to its social value, to linguistic development and to interpersonal and intra psychic communication. The concept of co-narration furthers the concept of narration taking into consideration the role of the family members or of other specially trained interlocutors in the reconstruction of histories. The concept of co-renarration takes one to the analytical session where the renarration of the patient’s history takes place with the cooperation of the therapist. These three concepts are connected to those of the lifestyle. Creativity, encouragement intended as irrefutable references to “corpus teorico” of the Individual Psychology.

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