The use of fiction in the psychotherapeutic relationship, as encouragement for creative modalities of thought


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Summary. The main difference between Adler-school-based psychotherapists and other contemporary scholars and physicians is the desire to better understand the concealed aspects of the human psychology, all those self guarding, neurotic behaviours that characterize the personality of suffering, weak people, affected by inferiority/superiority dynamics. The healing process focuses on recognizing that our beliefs are just selfmade-fictions. This is the core of a brand-new therapy, where the clinician and patient sit together almost as equals. Seen from the Adlerian point of view, Psychoanalysis theory results more than ever fragile and inadequate. If scientifically set, its truth would be acquired in cumulative way, making a static clinical model detached by the environment. As the neurosis comes from the desire of overcoming the inferiority, even the therapy is influenced. Otherwise, the therapy must acknowledge the patient’s weakness and vulnerability and discuss his fictions in a more accurate, un-stereotyped way instead of fighting them.