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Ferrigno G., Baroni M., Bazzani P.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXVI January – June 1998 – Number 43
Parole chiave: Lifestyle, School, Psychoeducation, Embarassment, Psychopedagogy

The psychopedagogue in the school


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Summary. The school is the suitable place to intervene, to signal, to help, to correct and it shouldn’t be only a “closed” place of study, but also an “open” place turned to knowledge and to the art of living. The school can repair the deficiencies of the first education and it can retrieve those mistakes made by the family and by the community, becoming a forge of “formation” for children who will be the adults of tomorrow. It is always urgenter to insert into every kind of school some other figures besides those of the teacher and of the manager. From this point of view the figure of the “Psychopedagogue” can be inserted; engaged for the realization of the educational project of the school where he works, he undertakes the function of consultant, of psychopedagogic and organizing support for teachers, pupils and parents.

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