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Leccardi G.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXI January – June 2003 – Number 53
Parole chiave: Fiction, Therapeutic relationship, Attachment, Inferiority feeling, Interpretation, Psychic uneasiness, Guidelines, Interaction, Exploration, Treatment, Defence (Mechanisms)

Guidelines in the psychic uneasiness treatment: a defensive fiction


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Summary.  During the last years, psychiatrics, psychologists and psychotherapeutics expressed a growing interest in the use of valuation of instruments which are standardized, rating scales, questionnaires with multiple choice, particular handbooks of therapy and guide lines, as more and more assuming a lecture of individual used by this time by medicine and close to the theoretical paradigm of natural sciences. These ones, in fact, set getting precise measurements, repeatable data and a constant prevision of phenomena. However this bent lend itself being interpreted also as a defensive fiction to the spontaneous meeting with the mystery of the interest for the other which is present in the meeting with the other, different from ourselves. This is a fiction which risks to thwart, if not well interpreted, the success of each therapeutic “meeting”.

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