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Berselli C.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXVIII January – June 2010 – Number 67 – SUPPLEMENT (contributions to XXI Congr. SIPI “The encouragement strategies...", 2009)
Parole chiave: Counseling / counselling, Encouragement, Adolescence, Child, Developmental age

Encouragement during the Counseling with minors



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Summary. Adler says that the inferiority feeling is innate and so it is functional for the individual, functional to its overcoming. Parents, educators, psychologists and counselors have to promote this adlerian encouraging process to prepare children to face the most important tasks of life with a feeling of cooperation. Children who arrive to a psychological counseling haven’t overcome their inferiority feeling but, on the contrary, they have often cultivated it. And we have to address encouragement both towards parents and children. In fact, adults are the emotional world of children and Adler teaches us that emotions can modify the situations in favour of those individuals who feels them.

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