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Borgna E.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXV January – June 2007 – Number 61
Parole chiave: Encouragement, Emotion, Intersubjectivity, Phenomenology

Emotions in phenomenology horizon


061_Eugenio Borgna_ITA

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Summary. To bring back emotional experiences to the heart of psychotherapy means to walk away from the Freudian thesis of emotional neutrality for every condition of psychic sorrow and drive in the troubled and dangerous waters of counter-transfer, which is something that you can not even imagine in the horizon of a phenomenology of psychic relations. Emotions are understandable not only on the basis of spoken words, but also (and this speech has been brought to the thematic core of philosophy and psychiatry by phenomenology) on the basis of the body language: of the face, of the glances, gestures and voices. The figures of wait and hope, of encouragement in the adlerian way, are the constitutive elements of every therapeutic relation. Hope is seen as an existential category even psychotherapeutical which reminds us of agostinian dimensions of time.

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