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Rovera G.G.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXXII January – June 2014 – Number 75 – SUPPLEMENT (contributions to XXIII Congr. SIPI “The network of the compensatory functions in the Adlerian theory and practice", Milan, 2012)
Parole chiave: Compensation, Resistance, Encouragement, Guide fiction, Therapeutic strategy, Resilience

The compensations in Individual Psychology


Paper presented at the XXIII S.I.P.I. National Congress – “The network of the compensatory functions in the Adlerian theory and practice”, Milan, 2012.

The full article is available for download in Italian only.

Summary. Adler, extended the theory of compensation to include all aspects of man’s life, not just his biological functioning. The child’s guiding finction, his goal, is establishes as means and direction – giver for his striving to compensate for his perceived or felt inferiority. At the same time, the goal becomes the activator of his struggles to compensate. Compensation is then, a part of the human condition. It may become magnified under some conditions – notably in cases of organ inferiority. As a construct in a psychotherapeutic strategy, through the empathy we can utilized the concepts of resistance, resilience and encouragement.


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