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Bovero A., Bordone I., Varetto A., Torta R.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXVII January – June 2009 – Number 65 – SUPPLEMENT (contributions to XX Congr. SIPI “The dream between psychotherapy and neurosciences”, 2007)
Parole chiave: Cancer, Dream, Psycho-Oncology, Rorschach test

Dream in oncological patient


CD_065_Bovero et Alii

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Summary. The purpose of this research is analyzing the influence of cancer on dream, on personality and on quality of life. At the sample was asked to tell a dream with positive and negative emotional impact and was evaluated with Rorschach test, Visual Analogue Scale, Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale, Mini-Mental Adjustment to Cancer Scale, and European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality-of Life Questionnaire. The results were interesting and show important correlations among Rorschach test, dreams and rating scales. These results give important indications about the activation of psychodynamic psychotherapy for oncological patients.

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