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Candellieri S.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXI January – June 2003 – Number 53
Parole chiave: Fiction, Theory of the psychotherapeutic technique, Supportive-expressive model

The supportive-expressive model: practical instrument or neurotic fiction?


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Summary. The present work points to criticize the supportive-expressive model as well as the separation in it between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. In fact, in spite of the intention to resolve it, the supportive-expressive model seems to maintain the antithetical opposition between the most important two curative factors, attachment/interaction on one hand and exploration/interpretation on the other hand. This is the basis of the distinction between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. The strong relation among the curative factors is examined and a return to a single psychodynamic psychotherapy, consistent with the adlerian point of view, is proposed. Its characteristics are, finally, briefly exposed.

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