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Canzano C.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXVII July – December 2009 – Number 66
Parole chiave: Encouragement, Inferiority, Courage, Limit

The limit and the courage. In front of, beside, inside inferiority


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Summary. The encouragement is the basic method followed by the formation Adlerian psychotherapist. Encouragement is a way to interpret and to face the physical and psychological distress and it is based on a some foundamental points: the meaning of courage, knowledge-evaluation of the limit, the distinction between objective and subjective inferiority, and the construction by the therapist of his own courage, and the empathic understanding of the kind of discouragement of the patient and the kind of courage he wants and can access. In the relation with the patient, to find a new courage together, we must not avoid or fight the inferiority, but approach it, feel it, evaluate it differently, transforming emotions which are related to it. To changing the point of view on imperfection can encourage an agreement with the self and the understanding with the others, generating creative incentives for personal use.

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