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Fulcheri M., Accomazzo R.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXVII January – June 1999 – Number 45
Parole chiave: Counseling / counselling, Individual Psychology, Change

The counseling: a two-face Janus


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Summary. In the long run the counseling has undergone continuous redefinitions and now, in Italy, it has a more suitable theoretical and methodological arrangement. We think the interest born from this theme in the Adlerian school, is in relation with the attention and the availability of the school to remodel its potentiality of intervention on the request in continuous transformation. The flexible model of Individual Psychology has been fit for an extension of its possible attention in different contexts, from the psychopathologic and clinic one to the social one. With wealth of detail, the article describes the development of the counseling in America, in Europe and in Italy, it traces the differences between psychotherapy and counseling and it draws the counselor’s formative iter to reach a convenient professional identity.

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