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Munno D., Cesano S., Caporale S., Zullo G.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXIX January – June 2001 – Number 49
Parole chiave: Counseling / counselling, Transcultural aspects, Immigration

Adlerian counseling as transcultural interventation


049_Donato Munno_Simona Cesano_Silvia Caporale_Giuseppina Zullo_ITA

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Summary.  The immigration increase in Europe and in the last years in Italy has underlined the problem of a specific intervention, in order to answer to the requirements of this new user, which tends to utilize not much the Mental Health Services, even if they present a great emotional and social matters which often leads to psychiatric desorders. The article proposes a technique, transcultural counseling, which prevalently uses communicative methods, belong to adlerian theory. The principal aims of this intervention are: promotion of patient’s autonomy and monitoring of migratory phenomenon with purpose of projecting preventive measures and institutional innovations. This technique needs specifically trained operators and operators belonging to different ethnic Group.

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