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Spatola A.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXV January – June 1997 – Number 41
Parole chiave: Inferiority feeling, Striving for power

The different aspects of the striving for power


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Summary.   In this study I refer to “Sofia’s and Marco’s stories”: the first one is a borderline case between neurosis and psychosis, the second one is a case of schizophrenia. The treatment didn’t only lead to an improvement of patient’s conditions, but also to a deeper analysis of the “striving for power” as it exists in Adler’s theory and his Individual Psychology. The “striving for superiority” could have different levels of expressions: the first and the oldest one is more evident with serious problems of psyche as it occurs in psychosis; in the second level, the patient’s perception of reality is not compromised: the  patient shows a better integration into adult life. In the physiological level in which striving for superiority  espresses itself, the individual displays a complete maturity.

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