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Cazzaniga G., Viglianco P., Signa C., Zuccolin M.
Pubblicato nel numero: Year XXXVIII January – June 2010 – Number 67 – SUPPLEMENT (contributions to XXI Congr. SIPI “The encouragement strategies...", 2009)
Parole chiave: Counseling / counselling, Eating disorders, Encouragement, Parents, Parental counseling, Group

Effectiveness of individual and group Adlerian counseling for parents of eating disorder patients


067_CD_Cazzaniga et Alii

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Summary. Many research areas consider family not only as a factor affecting ED aetiology, but also as a resource, as a factor promoting changes and as a relapse prevention tool. Family involvement into the therapeutic process is therefore hoped for in order to achieve best possible results. In the article, we described the use of Adlerian Individual and Group Counselling with parents of ED patients, admitted to Pilot Regional Centre for Eating Disorder of Turin University, directed by Professor Secondo Fassino. Individual and Group Adlerian Counseling aims to shift attention from somatic to relational-emotive facets, to enhance a supportive attitude, to promote identification with daughters and to improve communication. Encouragement and identification processes are basic instruments to reach an increase of Social Feeling in parents. The ability to empathize with daughters’ difficulties and suffering allows parents to support them. Family intervention is useful to encourage parents, to increase self-esteem, to modify family dynamics and thus represents an important therapeutic tool that indirectly operate on patients’ disorder.

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